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Parking & Transportation

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How to Get to Multnomah Friends Meetinghouse and Where to Park 

Meeting transportation support 

To request support and arrangements for people needing transportation to Multnomah Meeting for Worship, contact

Coming to the Meetinghouse by public transport 

A city-wide map of Portland bus routes is on the bulletin board in the social hall. For dynamic maps and up-to-date bus and MAX schedules, go to

  • Bus #15, Belmont, runs on Belmont Street, a few block south of the Meetinghouse. Exit the bus at SE Belmont and 42nd Ave.
  • Bus #20, Burnside/Stark, runs on East Burnside, a few block norths of the Meetinghouse. Exit the bus at NE Burnside and 44th Ave.
  • Bus # 75, Chavez, runs on Cesar Chavez, a few blocks west of the Meetinghouse. Exit the bus at Cesar Chavez and Stark.

Starting on MAX or light rail, then switching to bus:

  • Max/Light Rail, red, green or blue line to Hollywood Transit Center, then #75 bus south

Coming to the Meetinghouse by bicycle

You will find a bike rack at the east side of the building.  Please do not bring bicycles into the building.

There are also a few bike racks in front of the Meetinghouse, and if you need it there is currently a bike pump in the Social Hall under the coat rack.

We are in discussion regarding:

  • Adding more bike racks
  • Creating a safe, dry space to lock and store bikes

Look for updates as more specific information becomes available on added bike storage.

Resources For Biking Friends:

Coming to the Meetinghouse by car - where to park

Our Meetinghouse is in a residential neighborhood on the south side of a busy street.  Our neighbors on SE 44th Avenue have requested that our visitors not park on their quiet side street.  Accordingly, we ask that you observe the following order of choice for parking your car.          

  1. On Sundays always park in the Mazama parking lot on the southwest corner of SE 43rd & Stark.
  2. Other times or when the Mazama lot is full simply park on Stark Street.  The area west of the Meetinghouse is often available.      
  3. When more than 50 participants are expected, please contact our Hearthkeeper ( who can arrange nearby off-street parking.

Ride Sharing

As a way to reduce our carbon footprint, we are facilitating ride sharing possibilities. Look for the signup sheet on the Social Hall bulletin board if you’re interested in providing a ride to share, or if you are seeking a ride.

We have also posted an online ride sharing signup sheet for the same purpose. If you'd be interested in adding your name and contact information to that list, or if you have questions, email our Transportation Coordinator, Sharon-Drew Morgen, at to receive a link to the signup sheet.

Portland Emergency Transport for Houseless, Medical, and Emergency Situations

Here are some transportation services available for those needing help getting to healthcare appointments or needing transport around town in an emergency.

  • Transition Projects – 503-280-4700 - Vulnerable folks, houseless folks, and veterans in need of support services, shelter, housing, and transport.
  • Mega Medical Transport – 503-875-0361 – Transport for all medical emergencies.
  • Ride Connections – 503-226-0700 – Older adults needing transport.
  • Ride to Care – 503-416-3955 - This group has a long list of available emergency/medical/eldercare transport –

Paratransit for folks with health issues

For folks facing health issues and for whom regular TriMet transport is difficult, TriMet offers a paratransit service that will pick you up at your door. 

You must apply and have confirmation from a health professional: doctor, clinic, physical therapist, or some professional who can verify your need and your inability to use the regular bus or MAX. 

Here are links for the application with contact details if you need help. Once you’re accepted, you can schedule a pickup from home whenever you need. 

To Request a LIFT Application:

To apply online:  

  2. Click - Becoming a Customer – The Eligibility Process 
  3. Click - Begin online application.

Step 1. Submit completed LIFT application. On the Med Release – please list name of health care professional most familiar with your health condition. Please include clinic/hospital address, phone and fax.

Step 2. LIFT Eligibility Scheduling will contact applicant by phone to schedule a future phone or virtual interview.

Step 3. Eligibility determination made once interview and medical diagnosis completed

The ADA includes two requirements for LIFT eligibility: 

  1. You must have a disabling health condition, and
  2. Your disabling health condition must prevent you from using regular bus and/or MAX services on your own, either some or all of the time.

If you have addition questions and want to speak with a LIFT Eligibility team member, call 503-962-8000 option 4.

Please email if you have questions or suggestions regarding the information on this page.