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Adult Ed Meeting - Feb. 28 -9:15

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State of The Meeting worship sharing and queries
The State of The Meeting Report is done annually and sent to SAYMA Ministry & Nurture Committee (M&N) to prepare the State of the Yearly Meeting Report. There are queries prepared by M&N each year for guidance, but Meetings are not limited to answering only the queries. You will find a copy of the queries below. There is an Adult Ed session scheduled for discussion, worship sharing, and input from the Meeting on Feb. 28 at 9:15. Please bring your thoughts to that meeting or respond to the email! Eli Swiney will write the report using all of our input, M&C will review it on March 6, and will then bring the result to Meeting for Business on March 21 for approval. Our deadline to respond to the yearly meeting Ministry and Nurture Committee is March 28.
1. In what ways is your meeting answering the call to become an anti-racist faith community?
2. What are ways you and your meeting responded to the environmental impact of COVID?
3. How have we comforted one another during times of grief, loss, and isolation; and checked in on the emotional and financial health of Friends?
4. How has your meeting approached the sense of grief, loss, and the emotional health of the children, including the lack of regular physical interaction?
5. What growth has happened in your meeting in response to the stresses of this year?