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Graveyard Fee Schedule

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Single Burial Space (42” x 96”) $1,200.00, for Kennett Monthly Meeting Members $900.00
Cremation Grave (42” x 48”) $600, for Kennett Monthly Meeting Members $450.00

Family pre-needing at the same time as an at-need sale will be guaranteed the grave next to at-need property. Both graves must be paid in full at time of purchase. Otherwise lot assignment is made at time of death.

Interment Charge:   $1,000.00 for burial plot
                                $500.00 for cremation plot

Site Marking for headstone installation and Monument Approval Fee $100.00
We respectfully request a donation to the Old Kennett Meetinghouse Preservation Fund of $100.00.

Full size grave excavation, vault installment, casket handling, funeral preparation, and other funeral services are not provided by the Old Kennett Committee, and must be arranged through a local funeral home.