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Children's Queries

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Members of Oread Friends Meeting (Lawrence, Kansas) have revised the queries from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to be more suited to children so we could better integrate the queries into the education of the Meeting′s children.

First Month - Meeting for Worship
Why do I sit with others in silence?
Do I listen carefully so that I may hear?

Second Month - Meeting for Business
What is business?
How can business be spiritual?

Third Month - Ministry of Word and Deed
How do we encourage and help each other?

Fourth Month - Care for the Meeting Community
How do we create a loving meeting?

Fifth Month - Education
How do we learn from each other at the Meeting?

Sixth Month - Equality
Am I open to and appreciative of everyone?

Seventh Month - Social Responsibility and Witness
What am I doing to help improve my community?

Eighth Month - Peace
How do I work for peace in my community?

Ninth Month - Outreach
How do we tell others about Quaker life and beliefs?

Tenth Month - Stewardship of the Environment
What can I do to care for nature?

Eleventh Month - Stewardship of Resources
What can I do to take care of the Meeting?

Twelfth Month - Integrity and Simplicity
How do I show integrity and simplicity at Meeting and in my life?
Why is it important to tell the truth?