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The Benediction Project

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Roanoke Monthly Meeting is joining area churches in participating in the Benediction Project by sculptor Charlie Brouwer. The sculpture represents a person with their arms upraised in blessing. It symbolizes an opportunity for faith groups to focus on caring and connections with our communities and provides an opportunity to reflect on "How do we care for our community? How are we a blessing to others?"

The sculture was installed April 29th and will remain for 40 days, when it will move on to another place of worship. Several Friends joined the artist for the installation.  The irises were in full bloom that day, as you can see.

This sculpture is installed for 40 days at each participating places of worship and then goes on to the next.

A committee worked with Charlie to choose the site on our lawn, placing the sculpture so that it is in public view. 

History & Background of the Project

The project began in 2019 and has been in North Carolina and the New River Valley. Benediction began its current tour at the MLK bridge -20 days on the Roanoke side and 20 on the Gainsboro side. Present schedule includes St. John's Episcopal, Central Church of the Brethren and Bethel A.M.E.

There is no cost - the project is underwritten by a grant through the Roanoke Arts Commission.

Charlie has a wealth of experience and has exhibited in a wide variety of locations ranging throughout the US and abroad since 1975. He holds an MA in Painting as well as an MFA in Sculpture.

He resides in Willis and joined the Roanoke Quakers Facebook group last fall.

Friends might remember his show in 2012 at the Taubman Museum, "Rise UP, Roanoke,” which featured ladders. Our Meeting was a part of that, providing a ladder which was painted with quotes from George Fox.  To view more photos of the Benediction Project sculpture around Roanoke click HERE