Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
an unprogrammed Quaker meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee

Ministry & Nurture

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As a spiritual community without designated ministers, we are called on to minister to each other.  The role of Ministry and Nurture is to nurture the spiritual life of the Quaker community, to care for meeting for worship, to encourage Friends to live in ways consistent with Quaker values, and to counsel with persons in times of need. 

If they have needs or concerns, Friends may contact any member of Ministry and Counsel.

The 2021 Ministry & Nurture Committee consists of: Jeff Hackler Clerk, Mary Kedl, Joan Barnette,  Paul Laudeman, Harriet McCurdy, and Melissa Preast.

The role of the Ministry & Nurture Committee

  • Care for the spiritual condition of the meeting and its individuals.
  • Support Friends’ private worship and meditation, devotional reading, and religious study.
  • Provide opportunities for members, attenders, and seekers to learn more about the Religious Society of Friends.
  • Have concern for the vocal ministry of the meeting for worship.
  • Encourage those who show evidence of spiritual gifts.
  • Encourage all members to participate in the work of the meeting.
  • Help new members become acquainted with the organization and function of the meeting.
  • Care for Friends and attenders who desire to be wed under the care of the meeting.
  • Where appropriate extend invitations of membership to those who may be ready.
  • Assist families in funeral and burial arrangements, and with memorial services under the care of the meeting.