Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
a Quaker meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee

West Knoxville Friends Meeting

The West Knoxville Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends is a Quaker presence in East Tennesse. We invite you to join us in quiet worship at 10:30 on Sunday mornings. According to the traditional practice of Friends, worship begins in reverent silence. There is no ritual, and we have no minister, but we are united in a conscious effort to know God, to understand divine purposes, and to bring ourselves into harmony with Spirit in our daily lives.

Every First Day (Sunday) we have our Meeting for Worship from 10:30-11:30am. First Day School (Sunday School) for children is held at the same time. 

2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays at 9 a.m. there is an informal Quaker Theology Discussion Group.

Most Sundays we also have “Second Hour” programs that start at approximately 12:15, and end at 1:15 to 1:30 or so. Second Hour topics vary each week:

Third Sunday of the month: Potluck Lunch! Everyone is welcome, there is always enough food.

Second, fourth, and fifth Sunday topics for Second Hour tend to be informational and educational.  See the schedule below for Second Hour topics and other events.

Knox Mindfulness Meditation meets every Sunday from 4:00-5:30. Their website is

Meeting Times

Meeting for Worship Sundays

First Day School for children
Sundays 10:30-11:30am.

Life of the Meeting Worship Sharing
1st Sunday of the month at 10:00am.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business
1st Sunday of the month at 12:15pm.

Potluck Lunch!
3rd Sunday of the month after Meeting for Worship

Knox Mindfulness Meditation
Sundays 4:00-5:30

What's New

We invite everyone to Meet for Silent Worship this Thursday, 25 April, 7pm to 8pm

4th United Pres. Church, 1323 N Broadway, 37917

Come in the rear ground floor door.

Friends -- here is the report from the Peace & Social Concerns Committee for our Meeting for Business on March 3, 2019.
The report contains information, action opportunities, and requests ("asks") from PSC on the following matters:
  1. Revising FCNL’s Policy Statement, The World We Seek? 
  2. Participating in the FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend
  3. An encouraging report on ending U.S. military participation in the Saudi-led war in Yemen

Please see the attached document for the full PSC report.


The Religious Society of Friends


Welcomes everyone to 

Meet for Silent Worship

on the 

4th Thursday of each month 7pm to 8pm

The next Meeting is Thursday January 24th

at 4th United Presbyterian Church


The FCNL Letter-Writing Group which normally meets the third Thursday of the month will meet Thursday, 11/29, instead.

As usual we will gather at 10 am, begin with silence and personal news sharing, and proceed to writing letters on public policy issues related to the Quaker peace testimony as recommended by Friends Committee on National Legislation or group participants. 


Worship with us!

1517 Meeting House Road
Knoxville, TN 37931
United States
Meeting Times: 

Meeting for Worship Sundays

First Day School for children
Sundays 10:30-11:30am.

Life of the Meeting Worship Sharing
1st Sunday of the month at 10:00am.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business
1st Sunday of the month at 12:15pm.

Potluck Lunch!
3rd Sunday of the month after Meeting for Worship

Knox Mindfulness Meditation
Sundays 4:00-5:30

Calendar of Events



21 May (in use 6-8:30 pm)

23 May 7 pm Meeting for Worship at 4th Presbyterian Church

26 May 9:15am (approx) Quaker Spirituality; 10:30 Meeting for Worship; 2nd hour: 'Outreach'


  1 June Peace and Social Concerns

 2 June  9:15am (approx) Quaker Spirituality; 10:30 Meeting for Worship, 2nd Hour Meeting for Business

 8 June (in use 6:45-9:00)

 9 June  9:15am (approx) Quaker Spirituality; 10:30 Meeting for Worship

10 June (in use 6-8:30)

11 June 7-8 pm Worship and Converstion

13 - 16 June SAYMA

15 June  (in use  9am - 3pm )

16 June 9:15am (approx) Quaker Spirituality; 10:30 Meeting for Worship; 2nd hour--potluck

23 June  9:15am (approx) Quaker Spirituality; 10:30 Meeting for Worship

24 June June (in use 6-8:30)

27 June  7 pm Meeting for Worship at 4th Presbyterian Church

30 June  9:15am (approx) Quaker Spirituality; 10:30 Meeting for Worship


14 July Meeting for Business

 3 Aug (request for use)

25 Aug Meeting for Business

 6 Oct Meeting for Business



Inside House Committee still looking for suggestions for Licensed Electrician, send names to Carol Nickle.

Save the date SAYMA Annual Yearly Meeting June 13-16 – theme Seek the Light - Act Boldly (attachment 8). The

location is Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, North Carolina.

Family Promise Needs Millie has provided a list of items Family Promise has a continuous need for: New

Pillows, one kitchen trash can (13-gallon), kitchen trash bags (13-gallon), sponges, bleach, clorox wipes

diapers sizes 1, 2, & 3, toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry detergent.

Zero-Waste Facility. The Inside House and Grounds committee is exploring how to become a zero-waste facility.

If you have ideas, provide them to the committee.

12/9/2018 Meeting cancelled today. Jenkins Rd is impassable. 


First Day Discussion Group is studying Light to Live By, by Rex Ambler on the second First Day of each month 9am at WKFM Meetinghouse. The fourth first day of each month is a discussion on the Gospel of Mark.

Family Promise Needs: Millie has provided a list of items Family Promise has a continuous need for: New Pillows, one kitchen trash can (13-gallon), kitchen trash bags (13-gallon), sponges, bleach, clorox wipes diapers sizes 1, 2, & 3, toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry detergent.


  1. First Day Discussion Group is studying Light to Live By, by Rex Ambler the second First Day of each month – next discussion is Aug 12 at 9am at WKFM Meetinghouse.
  2. Family Promise Pasta and Blue Grass Festival August 25 6-8pm, Sacred Heart School on Northshore Blvd. Volunteers and assistance are needed. If you are led, provide individual $1 packages of cookies as a donation; or fancy desserts or bread for the silent auction. Servers are needed for a 30- minute shift. Contact Millie about donations.
  3. SAYMA M&N Meeting will be meeting at WKFM in the fall. More info to come from Millie who is coordinating Hospitality.


  1. Family Promise Golf Tournament May 5, seeking players or sponsors.
  2. Melissa Preast graduates from Tusculum College on May 5. A reception will be held at Millie Gimmel’s, beginning at 4pm, please join us to celebrate.
  3. Family Promise collects household and personal staples to have on hand when a family has a need. Travel or regular size items are welcome. There will be a collection box in the Great Room if you feel led to contribute. Lee Hoefer or Millie Gimmel can provide additional information.
  4. Ashley Preast graduates from Greenback High School and a reception will be held at ThistleDew Farm on May 12, 4pm. Please contact Melissa Preast for directions.
  5. Bob Grimac is offering to teach sign language classes. Please see attachment 6 to minutes for more information.


  1. Reminder that March 11, 12:30-2 (second hour) we have a refresher training with Family Promise. Someone from FP will be here and anyone who volunteers or is thinking about volunteering should plan to attend. Please encourage friends to sign up for our shifts April 9 and 10 overnight. Other volunteer opportunities include July 30,31 and Oct 1&2 please consider volunteering for open needs.
  2. On March 27, Sarah Woodard will be visiting from the CDCA in Nicaragua. She will be doing her presentation/craft and coffee sale at Fourth United Presbyterian at 7 pm with craft sales before and after. Carol and I are planning to have refreshments and we could use some help with this.  Anyone who wished to donate refreshments or help set up or clean up should contact Carol and Millie. More than anything, we need help getting the word out.
  3. If you missed the second hour about WKFM's burial ground and funeral practices by our sexton, please take a look at the documents included as attachment 6 to the March Minutes. Information provided covers how to prepare ourselves and our families.
  4. The nominating committee is working to find Friends to fill positions for the coming year beginning in June. Excerpts from our Statement of Practice describing the duties of each position and committee are included as attachment 7 to the Minutes.
  5. Please review the phone tree (attachment 2 to the Minutes) and provide feedback to John Innes.


FCNL Spending Priorities Discussion will be facilitated by Larry Osborne during the second hour Feb 11.

The second hour previously scheduled for Feb 11 to discuss the request that Friends Fiduciary extend their screening criteria to include issues regarding Palestine (See November Minutes and Newsletter for more information.) is no longer needed.  This was resolved with letters of support from Ann Arbor Friends and Swannanoa Friends Meetings.

Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light (TIPL) second hour presented by Paul Laudeman will be Feb 18.

Burial Practices and Procedures second hour presented by Kathy Eyman, Sexton will be Feb 25.

SAYMA Spring Representatives Meeting, Celo Friends Meeting, Burnsville, NC on Saturday March 17.

SAYMA new address: P O Box 76, Pooler, GA 31322

Suggestion for second hour – watch the movie El Helm (The Dream).

Yearly Meeting, June 14-17 at Warren Wilson College. Plenary Speaker on Thursday and Friday evenings: George Lakey, a Friend from Philadelphia


The meeting received a request for assistance with housing for Tom Neilson, a member of Mt Toby Meeting in Leverett, MA. Contact Tom directly if you are able to assist him.

“I am touring in the Southeast and have several open dates where I am looking for some lodging in between shows in Ellisville, MS and Pleasant Hill, TN, from Jan 28 to February 7. I have my own bed sheet, sleeping bag and pillow. I also have my own food. If anyone has a spare room and can assist with lodging, I would be very grateful. Thank you. peace, Tom Neilson, Ed.D. 413-687-0976 Road 413- 219-6975 Tour Manager, Lynn

10/20/2017 (for 11/5/2017)

  • Lee Hoefer has updated our phone tree and placed it on the desk in the entrance. Please add your preferred phone number to the phone tree. If you are not on the phone tree and wish to be added, please inform Lee.The phone tree is only used for urgent matters and emergencies (most recently, the death of Dick Felsing and funeral arrangements,) so the number you give should be the quickest and most reliable way to reach you. The way it works is that one person starts the phone calls, and each person called calls the people connected to their name on the diagram. If you do not reach a perspon, leave a message and call the people connected to that person's name.
  • A copy of our directory is also on the front desk. Please check to see that your information is current and correct any mistakes. If you are not in the directory and wish to be added, add your name and contact information to the working copy. At the end of December it will be removed and printed and the new directory will be made available as soon as possible. Any changes or corrections after that may be announced in the newsletter and at meeting so that Friends may correct their copies of the directory.
  • SAYF (Southern Appalachian Young Friends) will have a retreat at our meeting house March 9-11, 2018. Night Shepherds (friendly adult presences) will be needed to be awake in the meeting house overnight for emergencies or just availability for whatever needs might arise. Volunteers work in shifts of a few hours between bedtime and waking up time. Consider if you are called to serve our young Friends in this way, and what times would suit you best.
  • Some WKFM Friends would like to hold weekday worship on occasional Thursday evenings in town. Fourth Presbyterian Church has offered to allow us to use space in their building. See Paul Laudeman if you are interested in participating..
  • Michael Moore remains in residence at Greenfield Senior Living, 360 Laboratory Rd. in Oak Ridge, but has moved to Room 241. 


  • SAYMA 2017 yearly meeting minutes have been posted at:
  • SOCM 45th Anniversary Celebration will occur during their annual Member Meeting October 7-8, location to be announced
  • Assistance needed for SAYMA Rep Meeting on 9/16 for either breakfast or lunch