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At the 11/20 meeting for learning, Carol shared her long-term commitment as editor of the monthly MFM News (to review samplings of the newsletter, see In 2023, the newsletter will mark its 30th anniversary of continuous publication. The newsletter was started by children in First Day School and still retains many of its original features.


Memphis Friends found our first meeting spaces at Rhodes College in 1984. When our campus sponsor left Memphis, we moved to the Seventh Day Adventist Church on East Parkway, then to a rented building in Cooper-Young. When we learned the owners were going to sell that building, we began in earnest to find a place we could count on. The search began in midtown, but since an accessible building meant having both worship space and first day school on one floor, we began to look further east. We were led to 3387 Walnut Grove, and moved in the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2008.


Meditation on Silence, by Laura B.

About ten years ago, I saw a post going around social media called ‘Blessings Jar’—write down good things that happen during the year, put those slips of paper in a container. A way to be intentional in your day to day. I started doing it because it seemed like a spiritual goal I could attain. I’ve done it for a decade now, and it always tells me something.


Questions and Queries

After reading the front page piece in the June issue about Quaker queries, Kate wrote to ask what the difference is between a question and a query. That was worth thinking about! My initial reaction was that the difference lies in what is expected – an answer or a response. But that was not sufficient because it required further thinking. What in fact is the difference between an answer and a response?


Why so Many Queries?

by Carol

Queries before meeting for business, queries before worship, queries for worship sharing – sooner or later you may begin to think Quakers are obsessed with queries. In fact, we are -- and with good reason too.

Dogmatic answers are imposters, never more than partial, never anything but incomplete, while queries can function like guideposts helping us find our own road to transcendence.


Twenty-one SAYFers – teens and adults – met at our meetinghouse the weekend of April 23rd. They came from Atlanta, Nashville, Berea KY, and Black Mt NC. While they were here they visited the National Civil Rights Museum, cooked their own meals, and slept on the floor wherever they found a comfortable spot. Shahin, Blake, Sandy, and Kelly served as night-shepherds staying awake either from midnight to 3 or 3 to 6 a.m. The group came to Meeting for Worship Sunday the 24th, expressed their thanks to us, and left early for their long trips home.


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