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COVID-19 Update

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Updated 03/12/2023

Greetings, Friends,

At the 03/12/2023 meeting for business, Friends agreed on the following:

People worshipping in the meetinghouse should follow their own leadings about masking. When the county's status is green, the weekly email will not note the status. However, whenever the status is yellow or red, the weekly email will call attention to that information ( CDC green/yellow/red metric, officially defined as low/medium/high community levels of infection).

The following statment was included in the narrative minutes of the 03/12/2023 minutes.

Still, in the testimonies of community and stewardship, our meeting should encourage -- and Friends should encourage each other -- promotion of mindful, intentional, and compassionate healthy practices: Friends should adhere to good hand hygiene, stay away from others (and all meeting activities) when sick, encourage good environmental hygiene like ventilation and air filtration use, and offer empathy and understanding to those who choose to continue masking, social distancing, opt-out of hand-to-hand contact, or who wish to participate in virtual or other methods that we may have considered non-traditional prior to about 3 years ago.