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Apple Seed Friends Meeting is one of approximately 40 Meetings and Worship Groups of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) found today throughout California.

Ours is a relatively small meeting, formed about 30 years ago to serve the needs of those living in western Sonoma County, California. We are part of Pacific Yearly Meeting and College Park Quarterly Meeting.

We are an “unprogrammed” meeting; we gather in silence, in expectant waiting upon God. This communal search for God’s word is the heart and soul of each Quaker Meeting. Silence continues throughout meeting for worship unless broken by a member who has been moved by the Spirit to spoken ministry. Customarily, a period of silent contemplation then follows to allow each member to reflect on, and understand, the deeper meaning behind the words.

Apple Seed Monthly Meeting is a hybrid Meeting, with some of us physically present for Worship in the Oneg room of Congregation Ner Shalom, while others join us via Zoom at 12 noon PT each Sunday.  The link can be found at

Recognizing Friends & family among us that are immunocompromised, we ask anyone planning to join us for inperson worship be fully vaccinated for Covid-19, including current boosters as they become available. We also mask while indoors and observe social distancing.  Newcomers are welcome, but we recommend calling before joining us for inperson worship as inclement weather or concurrent Jewish holidays/festivals occassionally make us opt for online worship only.


Quakers began in England in 1652 under the initial leadership of George Fox, who was joined by his wife Margaret Fell in a return to “primitive Christianity.” They carried throughout England and the Americas the messages of continuing revelation, the priesthood of all believers, and the presence of the “Light” within each person.

  • “Continuing revelation” means that God continues to reveal Truth directly to individuals.
  • The “priesthood of all believers” means that each person has a direct and personal contact with his or her Creator, without the necessity of intermediaries such as priests or ministers.
  • The presence of the “Light Within” signifies that each individual holds within her- or himself a spark of the Divine.

In consequence of these beliefs, a striking diversity of theological beliefs exists among Friends. We are a traditional “Peace Church.”  Also, most Quakers accept the experientially derived “Testimonies” to guide our lives:

  • Simplicity
  • Peace
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Equality
  • Stewardship of Nature

As an outgrowth of these Testimonies, many Quakers have embraced social activism in areas such as prison reform, earthcare, racial justice and gender equality. The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947, is one of many socially active arms of Quakerism. Information about this and other Quaker groups can be found at

Meeting Times

Firstdays (Sundays) at Noon, for hybrid Worship in person and on Zoom

Business Meetings 2nd Firstday, even months (2nd month, 4th month,...) following Meeting for Worship

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Meeting Times: 

Firstdays (Sundays) at Noon, for hybrid Worship in person and on Zoom

Business Meetings 2nd Firstday, even months (2nd month, 4th month,...) following Meeting for Worship