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Introduction and Connections to Quakers:


Friends World Committee for Consultation

FWCC works to bring together diverse and fragmented Quaker communities in order to strengthen the Religious Society of Friends and to participate in interfaith work.


Quaker Information Center

A virtual resource center for the Religious Society of Friends, hosted by Earlham School of Religion, which provides information about Quakers and their institutions to both Friends and the wider community.  


Quaker Finder

FGC-hosted Quaker Meeting directory.


Quaker Resources

FGC-hosted Quaker resources.


The Religious Society of Friends

The official site of  the Religious Society of Friends  and the clearinghouse for everything Quaker.  Listings of Quaker Meetings, institutions, organizations, histories, writings and connections.


Western Friend

The Friends Bulletin Corporation, a joint venture of the Pacific, North Pacific and Intermountain Yearly Meetings, brings us Western Friend in print and digital versions.  The website includes online content from the journal, an online library, a bookstore, and ways to connect to community.


Quakers in Sonoma County:


Friends House

A continuing care community for the elderly, founded with and adhering to Friends’ values.


Friends House Worship Group

A worship group at Friends House, under the care of Redwood Forest Friends Meeting.


Redwood Forest Friends Meeting

An unprogrammed Quaker Meeting, located in Santa Rosa, CA. 



California Quakers:


Alternatives to Violence Project California

California AVP is a decentralized network of volunteer-run chapters, whose mission is to reduce violence through spiritually-based approaches to conflict resolution, community building and personal growth.


College Park Quarterly Meeting

The largest of Pacific Yearly Meeting’s two Quarters, comprised of unprogrammed Northern California and Northern Nevada Monthly Meetings.  The Quarter meets three times each year in the fall, winter and spring for worship, business and fellowship. 


Friends Committee on Legislation of California

FCLCA advocates for legislation in the state of California that is consistent with Friends’ testimonies: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship.


Pacific Yearly Meeting

Pacific Yearly Meeting consists of Friends Meetings and Worship Groups in California, Hawai’i, and Nevada, Mexico City, and Guatemala City/Antigua.  An annual gathering meets for worship, fellowship, committee work, and for spiritual strengthening and reawakening.  In the Meeting for Worship for Business and plenary sessions PYM assesses the past year and charts the coming year. 


Southern California Quarterly Meeting

SCQM is the Southern Quarter of Pacific Yearly Meeting , comprised of unprogrammed Southern California and Southern Nevada Monthly Meetings.  The Quarter meets three times each year in the fall. winter and spring for worship, business and fellowship.


National Quaker associations:


Evangelical Friends Church  

A Yearly Meeting of Friends Churches, based in Eastern USA.  Evangelical Friends base their practice on the teachings of the New Testament.


Friends General Conference

FGC is a North American association of Quaker Yearly and Monthly Meetings.  In addition to an annual gathering, FGC offers educational and outreach services and resources.  Theological diversity is accommodated and encouraged.


Friends United Meeting

Friends United Meeting is an international association of Yearly Meetings, whose Quaker faith is Christ-centered.


Quaker Universalist Voice

Site of The Quaker Universalist Fellowship, providing a blog and publications, which promote dialogue among Quakers and those of other spiritual traditions.


Quaker Conference Centers:


Ben Lomond Quaker Center

Quaker Center offers retreats and programs for Friends and non-Friends, set in a stunning, redwood, mountain location near Santa Cruz, CA.


Pendle Hill Retreat and Conference Center

Located near Philadelphia, PA,  Pendle Hill offers opportunities to sojourn, study and experience a Beloved Community.


Woolman/Sierra Friends Center

The center hosts a retreat and conference center and a camp on its peaceful campus in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills. 


Quaker Online Community and Worship:


A Place for Friends... 

Very extensive directory of blogs.


Friends of the Light daily online worship

UK-based inclusive Christian Friends online worship at 10am GMT (3am PST).  Now you have an alternative to counting sheep when awake in the wee hours.


Quaker Center daily online worship

Quaker Center offers daily online worship at 7:30am PST.

Provides an opportunity for Friends to share and explore Quaker roots through blogs, videos and online forums.


Education and Publications:

Friends Council on Education

A national association of Friends schools, which supports and nurtures school communities in their efforts to adhere faithfully to Friends’ values.


Friends Journal

For more than 50 years, Friends Journal has fulfilled its mission to connect and deepen spiritual lives.  Relevant, challenging articles inspire dialogue and community.  Print and digital versions are available at an affordable rate. 


Quaker Books

FGC-hosted site with books for Quakers, by Quakers and about Quakers.  Quaker books also offers E-books, religious educational material, resources for Meetings and a volunteer opportunity to help sell books at Pendle Hill or remotely.


Quaker Speak

Individual Friends speaking about their faith journeys on a Quaker YouTube channel.  New videos every Thursday.  Podcasts and DVDs are available.


Quaker Voluntary Service

Young adults, mentored by Quakers, spend a year in a professional service position, leaning to balance vocational demands with life in a community that values social justice and spiritual integrity.


Tract Association of Friends

Tracts that speak to core Quaker values and practices  are available online and for order. 


Western Friend

The Friends Bulletin Corporation, a joint venture of the Pacific, North Pacific and Intermountain Yearly Meetings, brings us Western Friend in print and digital versions. The website includes online content from the journal, an online library, a bookstore, and ways to connect to community.


Quaker Witness:


Alternatives to Violence Project

Created by Greenhaven Prison inmates and Quakers, AVP offers communities, schools, and prisons new models for conflict resolution, personal growth and community empowerment.


Earth Quaker Action Team

EQAT employs nonviolent direct action to achieve its goal of a just and sustainable economy.  It is a grassroots, volunteer-powered team that includes Quakers.


Friends Committee on National Legislation

FCNL was created to lobby for Quakers.  It is nonpartisan and strives to educate and influence elected officials to support legislation that reflects Friends’ testimonies and values.


Friends Fiduciary

Quaker testimonies and values underly Friends Fiduciary’s investment approach, which was created to serve Friends meetings, churches and organizations.


Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer Concerns

FLGBTQC is a Quaker community devoted to radical inclusion and celebrating that of God in each person.  FLGBTQC meets at the FGC gathering and at a Mid-Winter gathering for worship, sharing, and discernment.


Quaker Earthcare Witness

A network of Quakers who seek to transform hearts and minds, so that humankind  may embrace a just and ecologically sound future.  QEW offers both spiritual and material support in addressing our global crises.


Quaker Institute for the Future

QIF provides a network for discerning the future path for restoring the earth and its inhabitants to a sustainable future, based on scientific, economic and educational research.


Quaker International Witness:


American Friends Service Committee

AFSC is a Quaker organization which believes in a future of lasting peace achieved through international partnerships worldwide, that are dedicated to inclusion, equality, economic justice and fair governance. 


Friends Peace Teams

Devoted to building peace and promoting conflict resolution, Friends Peace Teams has initiatives in Asia, Africa and the Americas.  Each initiative has developed unique tools to promote healing and healthy relationships in violence-stricken areas.


Quakers in the World

A series of linked articles designed to provide information about  historical Quaker witness to support present witness and to nurture future witness.


Quaker United Nations Offices (QUNO)

QUNO sees that Friends” concerns for peace and justice are represented at the United Nations.


Right Sharing of World Resources

A Quaker organization that practices right sharing through micro-credit lending in the developing world. 


Sonoma County organizations we endorse:


Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

Dedicated to the restoration and conservation of Sonoma County wetlands of  international importance, the Laguna Foundation has inspired its community to value a unique vernal pool ecosystem.  An environmental center, workshops for scientists, events for the public and volunteer opportunities each contribute to the preservation of this treasure.


Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County

 PJC , an affiliate of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, educates and connects our community around the issues of peace and social justice.  In addition to hosting their own events, they publish Peace Press, a bi-monthly newsletter and provide links to organizations with similar missions.