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January 20, 2018    Women's March at Cal State University Monterey Bay

For the people called Quakers, the foundation of all religious belief is this:  God, through Christ, has placed a guide in each person to show them their duty, and provided each with the ability to follow this guide.    In every nation, race, and religion, there are those who follow this guide--these are the people of God--and those who live in disobedience to it are not God's people, no matter what they say.     This is the Friend's ancient, first, and unchanging principle.     This is the testimony they have made and will continue to make to the whole world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ---William Penn  Primitive Christianity Revived (1696,  Paul Buckley's (2003) words)

A gathered people

Francis Howgill (1618–1669), one of the Westmorland Seekers, described the sense of communion engendered among these early Friends:

[We] were reckoned, in the north part of England, even as the outcasts of Israel, and as men destitute of the great knowledge, which some seemed to enjoy; yet there was more sincerity and true love amongst us and desires after the living powerful presence of God than was among many in that day who ran into heaps and forms but left the cross behind them. God out of his everlasting love did appear unto us, according to the desire of our hearts, who longed after him; when we had turned aside from hireling-shepherds’ tents, we found him whom our souls loved; and God, out of his great love and great mercy, sent one unto us, a man of God, one of ten thousand, to instruct us in the way of God more perfectly; which testimony reached unto all our consciences and entered into the inmost part of our hearts, which drove us to a narrow search, and to a diligent inquisition concerning our state, through the Light of Christ Jesus. The Lord of Heaven and earth we found to be near at hand, and, as we waited upon him in pure silence, our minds out of all things, his heavenly presence appeared in our assemblies, when there was no language, tongue nor speech from any creature. The Kingdom of Heaven did gather us and catch us all, as in a net, and his heavenly power at one time drew many hundreds to land. We came to know a place to stand in and what to wait in; and the Lord appeared daily to us, to our astonishment, amazement and great admiration, insomuch that we often said one unto another with great joy of heart: ‘What, is the Kingdom of God come to be with men? And will he take up his tabernacle among the sons of men, as he did of old? Shall we, that were reckoned as the outcasts of Israel, have this honour of glory communicated amongst us, which were but men of small parts and of little abilities, in respect of many others, as amongst men?’ And from that day forward, our hearts were knit unto the Lord and one unto another in true and fervent love, in the covenant of Life with God; and that was a strong obligation or bond upon all our spirits, which united us one unto another. We met together in the unity of the Spirit, and of the bond of peace, treading down under our feet all reasoning about religion. And holy resolutions were kindled in our hearts as a fire which the Life kindled in us to serve the Lord while we had a being, and mightily did the Word of God grow amongst us, and the desires of many were after the Name of the Lord. O happy day! O blessed day! the memorial of which can never pass out of my mind. And thus the Lord, in short, did form us to be a people for his praise in our generation.


Meeting Times

Live Oak Meeting meets on the first and third Sunday of each month.  We meet for discussion at 9:45 am and for worship at 11:00 am.  We follow worship with a pot luck lunch to which all are welcome.  Meeting for Business follows the pot luck on First Sundays.

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“Coco” is a movie about borders more than anything—the beauty in their porousness, the absolute pain produced when a border locks you away from your family.


Brownsville, Texas (CNN)The strangeness of the largest migrant children's center in the United States, near the border with Mexico, shows up in the details.


A new book, Voices of Change, chronicles Monterey County activism – from Dust Bowl refugees in 1934 to police abuse watchers in 2015 – transcribed from recorded oral stories.


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6/18/2017 A Quaker Approach to the Bible - by Henry Joel Cadbury

Quaker Universalist Fellowship A QUAKER APPROACH TO THE BIBLE


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Meeting Times: 

Live Oak Meeting meets on the first and third Sunday of each month.  We meet for discussion at 9:45 am and for worship at 11:00 am.  We follow worship with a pot luck lunch to which all are welcome.  Meeting for Business follows the pot luck on First Sundays.