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How Do I Contribute Financially To Meeting?

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(PDF of this information is below)

The Meeting offers several ways to contribute financially.

The following provides instructions for making donations through a variety of means. Be sure to discuss potential donations with your financial and/or tax advisors.

Purpose of your donation

Unless otherwise specified, your donations will be used for the general annual budget of the Meeting. This includes staff and supplies for the First Day School, operation and maintenance of the building, general administration of the Meeting, and charitable contributions made by the Meeting to regional, national and global Quaker organizations and locally focused social action projects and organizations. You may also specify a particular purpose for the donation, including the building renovation project and/or other special projects or funds. Please make your intended purpose of the donation clear. Contact the MMM Treasurer if you have any questions about specifying the purpose of your donation.

Information on donating to the Meetinghouse Renovation fund

Donation by check

Please make your check payable to Madison Monthly Meeting. Put your check in the donation box in the Meetinghouse or send it to the Meeting at the address listed below, c/o Meeting Treasurer. Be sure to specify a purpose of the donation if desired on the memo line of the check or in an attached note. If no specific purpose is specified, the donation will go to the Meeting’s general annual budget.

Online donations

The Meeting can now accept donations by credit card or direct wire (ACH) transfer online. Use the “Donate” button shown on the header of the Meeting website.

You can make your donation one-time or recurring. Make sure you specify the purpose of your donation (see above) using the field on the donation page and/or by leaving a Note. You can also check the box to include the fees we pay for the online transaction as part of your donation, ensuring the Meeting will get the full amount you specify.

Once you make an online donation, you will receive a receipt email, which will include a link to a secure portal allowing you to see all your online donations, and to modify your recurring donations, if needed.

Wire (ACH) transfers

Some donors and financial institutions may wish to make a direct wire (ACH) transfer to the Meeting’s bank instead of issuing a check. These transfers may be set up directly online (see above), or through your financial institution using the following information:

Bank Name: Johnson Financial Group
Routing Number: 075911852
Account Number: 1002356975
Account Type: Savings

If you wish your wire (ACH) transfer donation to go toward a specific use, please let the Treasurer know.

Donations from estate bequests, charitable IRA rollovers and gifts from donor advised funds

Your financial advisor or financial institution will have forms for directing your donation, many of which just need the general information listed below. Have your institution contact the Meeting Treasurer if additional information is required. Be sure to include the specific purpose of your donation (e.g. for building renovation project) if desired. It is also helpful to let the Meeting Treasurer know directly that a donation is coming and its intended purpose.

Direct donation of stocks, bonds and mutual funds

Contact the Meeting Treasurer to arrange for the transfer through Friends Fiduciary.

General information

For some donations, your financial institution may require specific information, including the following:

Formal Name of the Meeting: Madison Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
Meeting Address: 1704 Roberts Court Madison, WI 53711-2029
Meeting Tax ID Number: 39-1398039
Meeting Treasurer: Scott Fulton, (608) 824-8638
Please contact the MMM Treasurer if additional information is needed.

Donation receipts

The Meeting is required by the IRS to issue acknowledgement receipts for all donations greater than $250. Contact the Meeting Treasurer if you have not received a receipt, would like us to issue a new one, or if you would like a report of all your donations for a specific time period.

We thank you for your support of the Madison Monthly Meeting!