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The Memorial Committee provides information about Advance Directives regarding health care; care for finances and other property; hospice care; death- and funeral-arrangements; death related legal requirements; and procedures for bequeathing one's body to a medical school or donating one's organs for persons requiring transplants. We also plan memorial meetings for worship and provide support for bereaved familes and friends.  You may also file your memorial plans with the Committee for future use.

We encourage Friends to make plans in a timely manner for their own deaths and memorial arrangements, and to notify close friends, their next-of-kin, and the Memorial Committee of their preferences regarding such matters. When death occurs, it can be sudden and unexpected. At such times the Memorial Committee is ready to help.

The names of the convener and members of the Memorial Committee are listed on one of the early pages of the current Madison Monthly Meeting Directory that is titled "Madison Monthly Meeting Committees." Our individual addresses and phone numbers are listed elsewhere in the Meeting Directory. You can also obtain our names, addresses, and phone numbers from the Clerk of the Madison Monthly Meeting.  If you wish, you may contact us via email at

We can help you plan ahead for your own demise and death, and we can help you with the decisions and actions you need to take after the death of a loved one. We will try to be available for you when you need us.



Some helpful documents

Memorial Committee - everything you ever wanted to know about the committee and how you can plan ahead for your death arrangements and memorial.

Putting My House In Order - a form created by the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Milwaukee Inc, for recording legal, financial and other information that will be needed upon your death. Used with their permission.