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NYM Journal 1:1 Winter/Spring 2019

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We hope you enjoy the very first edition of the NYM Journal, featuring inspiring and thoughtful work by members of our community.

Open the NYM Journal file from the Files area at the bottom of this post.

Ways to read the NYM Journal:

  • Click below to view on your computer, tablet or phone (download in PDF format it to read when you're not connected to the Internet);
  • Print it out (in grayscale or black & white if you don't have or want to use color ink);
  • Read a paper copy sent to your Meeting or Worship Group.
  • Request a mailed copy in the future if needed:

NYM Communications Committee would appreciate your feedback and suggestions:

All issues of the NYM Journal will be available on the website. Go to the About > Publications page to find it if you don't see it on the Home page.

Submit articles for the next issue:

Friends of Northern Yearly Meeting are encouraged to submit creative artistic work and writing, including personal reflections and articles about your work and experiences as Quakers to The deadline for submissions to the next issue of the NYM Journal is July 19, 2019.

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