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NYM Journal 1:3 - Winter/Spring 2020

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In this issue:

  • Letters
  • Bears Ears Pairings Project
  • Healing Our Country Again
  • Two Poems for the Soul
  • Sunday Morning at Tall Trees
  • Rogue Bonsai
  • Humming at Friends General Conference
  • Book Reviews
  • Making a Difference, My Fight for Native Rights and Social Justice
  • World of Trouble, A Philadelphia Quaker Family‚Äôs Journey through the American Revolution
  • Worship Beyond the Meetinghouse Walls
  • Worship As An Act of Love
  • Global Meeting for Worship (GMFW)
  • Listening to the Earth: A Quaker Perspective
  • You Have to Say Something: Teaching Quakerism
  • Clearness or Support Committee Guidelines & Queries