Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
Downtown United Presbyterian Church (DUPC), 121 Fitzhugh St N.


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Rochester Friends Meeting has several individual roles and standing committees which conduct the affairs for the Business Meeting.  There are also project-related Working Groups and short-lived committees for Clearness, Support, Anchor, etc.  


Childcare/Religious Education


guides the Meeting, its members, attenders & their families to live in the light of Friends testimony for care of the earth.


provides for the effective and safe operation of a carefully customized environment for Quaker worship and community support.


oversees meeting expenses; offers reports and recommendations concerning financial matters to Business Meeting; prepares the budget for the new year.


oversees refreshments after Meeting and food for special events; maintains kitchen supplies and helps with cleanup.

House Nurture

creates and maintains a sense of right order and simplicity in the Meeting house, cares for the plants, reviews selection of furniture and decorations, and reviews all material donations to the Meetinghouse.

House Use

recommends policy for use of the meeting house, orients and supervises outside groups who use the building.


organizes and maintains books & media, reviews contributions, and purchases new material.


Pastoral Care

reaches out to Friends in the Meeting community; serves as a point of contact for those in need of support, appoints Cleamess Committees for support and oversight of leadings; oversees the Meeting for Healing.

Peace & Social Action

educates itself and the Meeting about social concerns and makes recommendations to Business Meeting to address important issues.

Religious Education

plans and staffs first day classes and other programs for children and teens, including Junior Meeting, singing, teen events, and holiday activities like the Christmas play.


handles the legal and civic responsibilities of owning Meeting property.

Website Working Group

Meets the information and communication needs of seekers and internal affairs via this Quaker Cloud website.  Also see individual role below: Website Admin.

Worship & Ministry

monitors the quality of worship, oversees adult religious education, appoints Clearness Committees for membership and marriage; oversees memorial meetings; helps plan for retreats, Quakerism 101, and other events.


Birthday Acknowledgements

sends children a personal greeting on their birthday.

Child Care Coordinator

organizes paid babysitters for young children.

Child Care Liaison

Directory Database

maintains detailed directory of members & attenders.


Meeting Clerk

presides over Monthly Meeting for Business, keeps in touch with committee clerks, officers and members, and forwards incoming mail and phone calls.


publishes weekly newsletter that includes upcoming events, announcements, news of Friends, and reference materials.

R.A.I.H.N. Coordinator

The Rochester Interfaith Hospitality Network provides shelter and assistance to temporarily homeless families. As a Support Congregation, we are paired with the residence facility Downtown United Presbyterian Church.


maintains statistics on members who join, leave, transfer etc. and sends these annually to our New York Yearly Meeting.

Recording Clerk

records minutes for Monthly Business Meetings and makes them available to the Newsletter Editor, and stores Meeting Minutes and original reports for historical purposes.


pays the bills; collects and records contributions; prepares and reports on current financial status to Business Meeting.

Website Admin

maintains this website.