Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
Quakers in Stillwater, Cushing and Payne County, Oklahoma

About Stillwater Quakers

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(Note: Please see For Visitors concerning the time and location of Quaker workship in Stillwater.)

About Quakers

From a common history and inspiration grew a variety of Quaker groups. The Stillwater Quakers is associated with the Friends General Conference (FGC).

For those unfamiliar with the Religious Society of Friends (the formal name for Quakers) the FGC has published this succinct introduction.

The FGC also has a variety of other documents about Quakers, including how meetings work and what Quakers believe. These are available here.

Everyone is always welcome at a Quaker meeting for worship.

About Stillwater Quakers

In worship Friends gather into silent, expectant waiting. We hold ourselves open to the Light and reach for the divine center of our being. We know the center to be a place of peace, love, and balance, where we are at one with the universe and with each other.

We know from experience that revelation is continuing and that a divine power is at work in the world today, healing, guiding, gathering, and transforming. We call this power God, the Light, Christ, the Seed, the Inward Teacher. By whatever name it is known, its nature is love. It draws us toward a life of integrity, simplicity, equality, community, and peace.

Our meetings strive to be loving, nurturing communities. We celebrate diversity and encourage each person to find his or her true voice grounded in experience. We listen deeply to the Spirit and to each other as we seek to discern and embrace God’s will for us individually and as a community.

We warmly invite you to join us. In our meeting, worship is held on Sunday at 11 AM at The Lodge, on the corner of Duck and 12th Street in Stillwater and usually lasts about one hour. “Unprogrammed” meetings are grounded in silent, expectant waiting and are spontaneous and open. When someone feels led to share a message, it is received in the gathered silence.