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Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
Unprogrammed Quakers in Wichita, Kansas

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To Those Attending Our Meeting for the First Time

Welcome to Meeting for Worship

Here each person is welcome to share in a group worship experience based on listening to God.

The worship begins when you sit down.  There is no announcement.  As we sit quietly in mind and body we are able to take the opportunity to turn inward toward the Inner Light in an effort to discover that of God which is in us all.  If you are new to the silence, you may find it disturbing and find yourself distracted by roving thoughts.  Our practice is not to worry about such distractions, but to return again and again to the still center of our being.

We strive to create the kind of silence out of which a helpful message and spirit may come.  As the Spirit moves us, we speak with Divine Leading, subsiding the moment inspiration subsides.  We maintain silence for at least a few moments after vocal ministry to allow time for a message to reach a quiet center.  When there is no speaking we welcome the shower of peace and power that comes over the whole meeting. 

Worship continues until the designated person breaks the silence by a handshake.  

This group worship is the core of the Friends Meeting.

Although our worship may be entirely silent, often someone feels that they have a message they feel led to share.  “Unprogrammed” worship is not planned.

We consider all to be ministers rather than place one central figure in this capacity.  We believe that there are many paths to find truth and that no one faith has all the answers.  We believe that we all benefit from each other’s journeys.  We invite you to join us in this venture of faith.