Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
Meeting for worship - Again meeting in the meetinghouse. Facemasks and social distancing encouraged.

Getting started on the Cloud

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For members and attenders of the meeting who are just getting started, if you want to post to the website or view minutes from business meeting, you need to be an online  member of Carlisle Meeting.  

To become a member, follow the instructions that can be found in the links under "Related" to the right.

Start with "How to Create a Cloud Account" and then "How to log into Quaker Cloud".  

After you create your Cloud Account, the meeting administrators will be notified and they will update your status to membership.  

After that you should be able to view business meeting minutes or create a web post.  On how to post, see the link to the right called "How to Create a Quaker Cloud Post."