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Engaging in Community

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Our Work in the Larger World

Throughout its history, Hanover Friends Meeting has been an active community of faith, engaged in witnessing for peace and social justice and nurturing the Spirit among its members. We are mindful that continuing revelations can show us new ways to bear witness to our beliefs. 

The Meeting has been or is currently engaged with a variety of concerns, including:

  • abolishing the death penalty

  • nuclear disarmament

  • working with the wider community to improve low-income housing and public transportation access

  • antiracism and white privilege

  • indigenous rights

  • gender diversity

  • community dinners through LISTEN and Dismas House

  • mitigating climate change through reducing our carbon footprint

  • gun control legislation

  • immigration reform and support of asylum seekers

  • Ramallah School 

  • Palestinian human rights