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How We Worship

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How We Worship

In our Meeting for Worship, we sit in silence together.  As we center  ourselves, we enter into that space that is open to the workings of the Spirit. 

Out of the silence a person may be led by the Spirit to stand and share a brief message, prayer or song. We do not come to worship expecting to speak or not to speak, but with the belief  that each person can serve as a pathway for Truth. Thus we share responsibility for ministry, rather than having a minister or pastor. When vocal ministry is given, a time of silence afterward allows for thoughtful and reverent consideration. Messages may relate and build upon each other, but this is not a time for debate. One message may be followed by further messages or a deepened silence. Some weeks no messages are offered, and we rest in the peace and power of quiet worship.  We call it a “gathered” meeting when those present  experience a profound sense of spiritual community. 

After approximately one hour, Meeting for Worship ends with the shaking of hands.

Before and After Meeting for Worship

In the twenty minutes prior to the Meeting for Worship, some Friends meet in the fellowship area for singing.  Others who arrive early may choose to visit in the fellowship room, stop by the library, or enter the Meeting Room early to begin worship.

On most Sundays, following worship and a time for fellowship and snacks, there is a program presented  by the Adult Education Committee or the Peace and Social Concerns Committee.  These programs might address social and spiritual issues, or a Friend might share their spiritual journey. All are welcome to attend.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

On the third Sunday of the month, after a shared meal prepared by one of our committees, we gather again for Meeting for Business.  This meeting is a unique Quaker practice where all Friends are encouraged to participate in decision-making that affects the life of the Meeting and our relationships with the larger community.  Decisions are reached by seeking a “Sense of the Meeting,” where all present engage in a deep, Spirit-led practice looking for a truth recognized, as much as possible, by all. All are welcome to attend. 

Quaker decision making:

Video:  The Gathered Meeting