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Hanover Friends Meeting Structure and Committees

Hanover Friends Meeting is an unprogrammed meeting. We have no paid staff. Through various roles and committees, members and attenders support the Meeting’s spiritual life and carry out the work of the Meeting.


  • The Clerk holds our meeting spiritually and is responsible for overseeing all Meeting operations. It is our custom for the Clerk to close Meeting for Worship, welcome visitors, and to facilitate our sharing of joys and sorrows, and announcements, as well as clerking our monthly Meetings for Business. 

  • The Assistant Clerk supports the work of the Clerk and stands in for the Clerk in his or her absence. 

  • The Recording Clerk is responsible for keeping accurate minutes indicating all decisions made in the monthly Meeting for Business.  

  • The Treasurer keeps accurate records of income and expenses, writes checks and carries out other financial duties as needed. 

  • Assistant Treasurer supports the Treasurer in routine responsibilities and acts as needed in the Treasurer’s absence.


Cuba Sister Meeting Liaison maintains communication with our Havana sister meeting, encourages sharing between our two meetings, and organizes trips to Cuba for members and attenders with a leading to travel to Cuba.  The committee maintains a connection with New England Yearly Meeting's Puente de Amigos committee.   

Adult Education provides opportunities for the adults in Meeting to study Quaker faith and thought and to discuss how to broaden our understanding of faith, witness, and life. 

First Day School supports and guides the religious education and fellowship of our young people of elementary and middle school age.

Young Friends advises and plans programs for a fluid group of Young Friends (grades 6-12) during their learning and exploring of the Quaker faith and other traditions.

Religious Education Care and Coordinating Committee :  

This committee, made up of the Clerks of the First Day School, Young Friends, and Adult Education is clerked by the Assistant Clerk of the Meeting.  It is responsible for facilitating communication and coordination of the Meeting’s religious education programs, as well as the threshing of new initiatives.

Fellowship works to strengthen the sense of community in our spiritual home.  The committee helps to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for Hanover Friends Meeting members, attenders, and visitors by ensuring there are greeters and opportunities for fellowship. 

Finance recommends financial policies and goals to the Meeting for approval. Specific tasks include formulating the budget, preparing the yearly budget, making periodic reports to the Meeting, and composing appeal letters.  

House is responsible for maintaining the physical condition of the Meeting House and its grounds, and strives to create and sustain a welcoming and spirit-based home reflecting and fostering Quaker values.  

Library organizes and makes accessible to any member or attender of the Meeting the books and other resources in the Meeting’s library, and works to make this space welcoming and useful to individuals and committees. 

Ministry and Counsel is charged with the nurture of the spiritual life of the Meeting, considering in addition all aspects of membership.  It appoints committees for clearness for membership and marriage, and committees of support for memorial meetings held under the care of the Meeting.  Other clearness committees may be formed at the request of members or attenders who seek support in discerning the way forward with a spiritual leading.  

Nominating nominates people to serve as the Meeting’s officers and committee members. The committee calls Meeting members and attenders to stimulate individual discernment on the opportunities for service on Meeting committees.   

Pastoral Care organizes the Meeting community to help those who ask for pastoral care at times of illness, grief, and stress. They also facilitate support committees at the request of members and attenders who seek counsel, a listening ear, and worship around issues in their lives. 

Peace and Social Concerns helps bring peace and social justice concerns before the Meeting and encourages the Meeting community to put faith into action. It serves as a liaison for the Meeting with Quaker organizations such as the American Friends Service Committee and the Friends Committee on National Legislation and to social action groups in the wider community.  

Technology maintains and supports the tools that facilitate the Meeting’s IT needs, including maintaining the membership database, the listserv, the Hanover Friends Meeting Quaker Cloud website, and the Photo Board of members and attenders, as well as  supervising the creation and distribution of the monthly newsletter.